Water JET Tooth Flossing
Water JET Tooth Flossing
Water JET Tooth Flossing
Water JET Tooth Flossing

Water JET Tooth Flossing

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Do you know the innovative dental cleaner that will leave you with a movie smile? Our Power Water Jet Floss will leave you with a unique smile in a few days, due to its innovative pressure cleansing system, your teeth will be free of impurities.

It is able to remove plaque, food particles, and other substances more effectively from your teeth and gums than floss. To operate, the strong and brisk stream water reaches those inaccessible places that floss just does not get to.

  • Quick and Easy - Just Fill With Water, Point, and Press to Power Away Plaque Causing Debris
  • No batteries or Cords. Great for Adults and Kids
  • Air Infusion Technology - Air Propels Water to Gently Remove Debris
  • Ergonomic Design and Low Profile Tip Easily Reach Back Teeth
  • Perfect for Keeping Braces and Other Dental Work Clean.

  1. Fill - Pour water or mouthwash inside
  2. Press - Green button floss
  3. Floss - Leaves your mouth feeling fresh & clean

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